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FDOT Pre-Qualified

George F. Young, Inc. is pre-qualified by the Florida Department of Transportation in the following Surveying and Mapping Work Groups:

Group 8, Surveying & Mapping

8.1 - Control Surveying
8.2 - Design, R/W, & Construction
8.4 - Right of Way Mapping

Subsurface Utility Engineering

Subsurface Utility Engineering

The Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE) department of George F. Young (GFY) provides clients with a cost saving non-destructive method of underground utility location and mapping, which provides accurate location, size and type of underground utilities. Our full range of services includes ground penetrating radar, utility designation, location, mapping, utility coordination and permitting throughout Florida and the Caribbean Basin.


Innovative Solutions

George F. Young (GFY) is committed to partnering with our clients to solve problems and do so by offering creative solutions and utilizing cutting edge technology. GFY is proud to introduce the use of CUES AMP™ Technology to our list of services. Some key features of this innovative technology are:

Our comprehensive list of SUE services includes:

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Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE) is a process that utilizes Engineering, Surveying, and Mapping to identify and locate underground utilities during the early development of a project. The SUE process can be used for public works or private projects in conjunction with any excavation activity such as the placement of new utilities, upgrading existing utilities, or roadway construction or improvements.


Four major activities are involved in Subsurface Utility Engineering:


Designating is the use of the surface geophysical techniques to determine the existence and approximate horizontal position of underground utilities.


Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) offers the latest advancements in SUE. GPR is a cost effective, non-intrusive geophysical investigation method for locating subsurface features.


Locating is the use of non-destructive vacuum excavation equipment at critical points along a subsurface utility’s path to determine the precise horizontal and vertical position, size, composition and the condition of buried utilities.


Data Management involves surveying and mapping the utility information obtained by designating, GPR and locating to provide its location in relation to the provided project control and providing the information in CAD and/or GIS format.

We provide SUE solutions for:

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SUE is the solution for any underground excavation activity where existing utilities may be present including:

  • Placement of new utilities
  • Relocation of existing utilities
  • Upgrading of utilities
  • Roadway construction or improvements
  • Redevelopment of existing facilities


For more information about our SUE capabilities or to request SUE services contact:


Greg CrawfordGreg Crawford, Sr. Vice President


727 822-4317 | Email:


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