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FDOT Pre-Qualified

George F. Young, Inc. is pre-qualified by the Florida Department of Transportation in the following Surveying and Mapping Work Groups:


Group 8, Surveying & Mapping

8.1 - Control Surveying
8.2 - Design, R/W, & Construction
8.4 - Right of Way Mapping


Subsurface Utility Engineering

Utility Coordination

Utility Coordination MeetingUtility Coordination is a key component of our comprehensive Subsurface Utility Engineering services. It is one of process understanding and agency requirements. GFY will actively pursue the development of utility information as it relates to infrastructure plans development. In the initial stages we will develop a comprehensive list of agencies involved and throughout the design process we will act on behalf of the agency or its consultant to facilitate the transfer of information between the two.


Utility Coordination solutions for:

Utility Coordination is the solution for any underground excavation activity where existing utilities may be present including:

• Placement of new utilities
• Relocation of existing utilities
• Upgrading of utilities
• Roadway construction or improvements
• Redevelopment of existing facilities


For more information about our Surveying and Mapping capabilities or to request Survey services contact:


Hank HumbertHenry “Hank” Humbert, Utility Coordination Manager

1 877 GFY-1919 Toll Free | 727 822-4317 Phone